Ole and Maaike from Onslogischvoedsel welcome you to an afternoon spent on their field, talking and strolling in the abundance of their organic vegetables.
Together we invite you to Booischot, to meet the farmers behind De Donkenhoeve – Jan, Bram and Charlotte.
They have been working alongside Ole and Maaike and now we step in to showcase their excellent beef and goat meat, for the wider community to taste.
And who could say no to a juicy goat or beef burger of top notch quality?! These animals were well looked after and contributed to the balance of the ecosystem throughout their lives.

For the vegetarians we are preparing burger patties made from local mushrooms, growing just over the other side of the OLV fields.
What better way to quench your thirst than with beers from Brasserie du Renard and fruity refreshers for children and adults!

Sunday June 5
Peerdsdonkenhof 33, Booischot


entry + burger of your choice

entry + small burger of your choice



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