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After our successful 2023 edition of public catering of the OLT Rivierenhof, we’re happy to announce our appearance at the 2024 edition.

No need to book a table pre-concert, we’ll be there ready to serve you a variety of wholesome street foods with a focus on provenance and the people behind the label.

We continue with our vision of sourcing our ingredients predominantly from Belgian small-scale farmers and producers but also via our long term supplier of Italian and Spanish co-operative farms. Thanks to The Food Hub, each of these unique stories of growers are told, highlighting the individuality in the people and their team efforts for a better world of food.

Throughout this summer on the OLT counter you can expect seeing our signature Stoked pies, always showcasing the season’s treasures.

We’re starting with pepper steak pie slow roasted with lots of colourful pepper spice and the Thai panang curry inspired vegetable pie, cooked with coconut cream and aromatics such as kaffir lime leaves, lots of ginger and galangal. Without the warming heat from a mix of exotic chilli peppers it wouldn’t be a true panang.

Hot dogs will be another treat this year again – the sausage will be crafted by our hero St├ęphane from La Bouch’bio, the veg hot dog sausage made by Janko from Le Seitanist and the brioche buns baked fresh by Domestic bakery. We’ll accompany this strong base with our BBQ’d plum ketchup, sauerkraut and other creations.

Coloured zero waste tortilla totopos from Tortilleria Taiyari will be offered with our house salsa dip with lots of summer veg, such as tomatoes, yellow and red peppers and also chipotle and coriander.

This summer you may be lucky to come across some smoked pulled pork in potato buns, Sichuan dan dan noodles, wholesome salads and our triple chocolate & hazelnut brownies.

To see the full list of our suppliers click here.

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